Calf Pasture Beach

41.085343, -73.394094 
44 Calf Pasture Beach Road
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 854-7806
Fairfield County

Calf Pasture Beach is located on Long Island Sound on 35 acres, including a sandy beach, intertidal flat, Captain William Clark fishing pier, Sounds Fun playground, kiddie pool, swings, walkways, a skateboard park and café. The grade to the water is gradual; the sand is coarse with rocks and shells closer to the water’s edge. The waves are lake-like with entry to the water being difficult with larger amounts of crushed shells and rocks. Beach rules

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Hours Of Operation

7 am – 11 pm, May to October

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The nonresident parking fee is $25 per car on weekdays before 5 pm; $30-$40 per car on weekends before 5:00 pm, and $10 after 5:00 pm. Passes are available at the beach. Non-resident passes are $175/year for land-locked towns; pick up only at Recreation and Parks office. Handicapped access is avaiable. Non-residents wishing to visit the site on weekends will be directed to park at the nearby off-site parking area at the beach's Taylor Farm lot.

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Life Guard

Supervised and unsupervised swimming during summer months

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Allowed in designated areas only

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Carry in/carry out beach with a café and concession stand on-site

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Hotels/motels and rentals are within minutes driving.

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Not allowed

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Picnic Area

Picnic tables are available.

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Baseball/softball, volleyball, skate park, playground, chill time water pad, sun and sand sports, the sailing school, bocce, basketball, and 3/4 of a mile of open coast line available

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Public Transportation

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Restrooms / Showers

Restrooms/changing rooms and showers are available.

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Surfing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

No boats allowed on beach

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Walking Trails

Boardwalk is available between Shady Beach and Calf Pasture Beach

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Water Quality


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