Dane Street Beach

42.548236, -70.869666
Lothrop Street
Beverly, MA 01915
(978) 921-6000
Essex County

Dane Street Beach is located on Route 127 and Lothrop Street in Beverly, Massachusetts. Also known as “Lyon’s Park”, this beach offers both park and beach amenities in one convenient and accessible location. Unlike its smaller close-by neighbor Independence Park, Dane Street Beach has seven acres, providing more open space and a gentle slope at the park, which makes it a popular choice with families or those looking to play games. Access to the beach is easy by following the paths provided. The beach is separated by the park by a long sea wall that is lined with benches for taking in the view of Mackerel Cove and the Beverly Channel. The right side of the beach has three small break walls; near the break walls there is an abundance of rocks varying in size, shells, dense packed sand near the water, and soft sand and seaweed near the sea wall. The left side of the beach has a few boulders entrenched in soft sand with smaller amounts of shells and seaweed. Close to the water’s entrance there are small pebbles during low-tide. High-tide limits the beach at times but staying close to the sea wall will ensure space on the beach. Providing both park and beach amenities, Dane Street Beach is a great option for families and those seeking multiple activities in one convenient location.

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Hours Of Operation

Sunrise to 10pm

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Free parking is available on Lothrop Street; handicap and additional spaces are available in a small lot (the end of Dane Street).

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Life Guard Schedule

On duty during summer months 10am – 5pm

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Not allowed

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Lyon’s Park/Dane Street Beach is a carry in/carry out beach, with food vendors available within 5 minutes driving.

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Motels/hotels and rentals are within 5 minutes driving.

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No dogs are allowed on the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day between 8am to 7:30pm. Dogs are allowed in the park area but must be leashed at all times.

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Picnic Area

Picnic tables are situated on a hill to the left of the bath house facing the water. Additionally, benches are located throughout the park.

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There is a playground on-site and an open area of grass.

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Public Transportation

Please see the link below for times and other modes of public transportation.

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Restrooms / Showers

Seasonal restrooms are available on-site.

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Surfing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

The water is dependant of the weather and can be good for paddle boarding and kayaking.

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Walking Trails

There is no walking trail; however, Dane Street Beach/Lyon’s Beach are popular for taking a stroll and enjoying the views of Mackerel Cove and the Beverly Channel.

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Water Quality

Water quality is monitored from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For more information please call (617) 626-1250. The accepted standard is 104 CFU/100mL in a single day or an average of 35 CFU/100mL over five days. The link below is the test results from 2003 to the current year. Dane Street Beach Water Quality

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Water Temperature

(Click on “View more buoy data” to view water temperature.)

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