Pleasure Bay Beach

42.336078, -71.023563
 William J. Day Blvd.
Boston, MA
(617) 626-1250
Suffolk County

Pleasure Bay Beach is located on William J. Day Blvd. in Boston, Massachusetts. Connected to City Point Beach and Castle Island, there is space for strolling, relaxing, and benches lining the walkway for taking in the views. The 2.2 mile loop connected to City Point Beach and Castle Island is perfect for runners, walkers, dog walkers, or anyone looking to enjoy a stroll with a pleasant view connected to a park area. The walk to the water is gradual on the coarse pebbled sand, and the waves are gentle to non-existent. Pleasure Bay Beach is the largest beach in the Castle Island area and is more convenient to Castle Island amenities than City Point Beach.

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Hours Of Operation

6am to 11pm

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Street parking is available next to and around the beach. Pay attention to posted signs.

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Life Guard Schedule

On duty from Memorial Day to Labor Day

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Not allowed

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Pleasure Bay is a carry in/carry out location with food available at Sullivan’s at neighboring Castle Island.

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Motels/hotels are within 5-10 minutes driving.

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Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 1st through September 30th. Dogs must be on a leash or voice control.

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Picnic Area

Picnic tables and benches are available under a gazebo.

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City Point Park and Marine Park across the street have a playground.

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Public Transportation

Please see the link below for times and other modes of public transportation.

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Restrooms / Showers

Restrooms are available at nearby Castle Island.

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Surfing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

Water sports are allowed during the off-season.

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Walking Trails

Pleasure Bay Beach is part of the Boston Harborwalk; Boston Harborwalk is 38 miles of trails across waterfront and parks through Boston. Boston Harborwalk Information

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Water Quality

Water quality is monitored from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For more information please call (617) 626-1250. The accepted standard is 104 CFU/100mL in a single day or an average of 35 CFU/100mL over five days. The link below is the test results from 2003 to the current year. Pleasure Bay Beach Water Quality

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Water Temperature
(Click on “View more buoy data” to view water temperature.) 

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