Veteran’s Beach

(508) 790-9885
41.640560, -70.278104
480 Ocean Street
Barnstable/Hyannis, MA 02601
Barnstable County

Veteran’s Beach, also known as “Veteran’s Park Beach,” is named after the Korean War Memorial and John F. Kennedy Memorial which are only steps away. From the beach one sees a boat-filled Lewis Bay with boats travelling in and out of Hyannis Harbor. Most parking is only steps away from the beach which also boasts of many other convenient amenities. Beach sand is coarse with large amounts of crushed shells and pebbles; at the water’s edge the shells and pebbles dissipate, leaving soft sand. Veteran’s Beach tends to have less seaweed than other Cape beaches although it’s not completely free of it. The grade to the water is gradual, with small waves at most times. Handicap accessible.

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Hours Of Operation

9am to 9pm

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Resident and non-resident beach stickers are required to park year round. Stickers are on sale May 1 and are available at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center 141 Basset Lane, Hyannis. (508) 790-6345 x110
30 minute parking is available near the John F. Kennedy Memorial.
Resident Recreation Parking Permit, $40
Daily Resident and Non-resident Pass, $20
Handicap Individual Parking Permit, $15
Visitor’s Weekly Parking Permit, $70
Visitor’s Seasonal Parking Permit, $250
Landlord Transferable Parking Permit, $300
Beach Sticker Information 

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Life Guard

On-duty daily 9am to 5pm starting mid-June and ending Labor Day

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Not allowed; grilling is allowed in provided grills

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Carry in/carry out beach with concessions stand available on-site

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Motels/hotels and rentals are available within 5 minutes of driving.

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Not allowed May 15-September 15; must be leashes at all other times

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Picnic Area

Tables and grills are available in shaded areas.

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Available on-site

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Restrooms / Showers

Restrooms and showers available on-site 9am to 4:30pm.

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Surfing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

According to the Town of Barnstable Rules and Regulations, “Floatation devices are allowed in on-shore breezes only.”

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Walking Trails

No trails, walkway to the JFK and Korean War Memorial

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Water Quality

Water quality is monitored from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For more information please call (617) 626-1250. The accepted standard is 104 CFU/100mL in a single day or an average of 35 CFU/100mL over five days. The link below is the test results from 2003 to the current year. Veteran's Beach Water Quality

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Water Temperature
Click on “view more buoy data” to view water temperature.

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