White Crest Beach

(508) 349-9818
41.934243, -69.979940
720 Ocean View Drive
  Wellfleet, MA 02667
Barnstable County

White Crest is a scenic beach with towering, eroding dunes. The walk from the parking lot to the beach can be challenging with steep sandy decent; although once on the beach, the slope to the water is gradual. Similar to other Wellfleet beaches, the beach appears endless on both sides and is scenic whether on the beach or above in the parking area. With large waves and a strong undertow, this beach may not be ideal for the elderly or younger children. The beach surface has leftover seaweed and shells from previous high-tides although there is plenty of open space for beach games; beach shoes aren’t necessary.

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Hours Of Operation

Half hour before sunrise to midnight

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$20 parking fee/$5 walk in fee or town permit
Free parking before 9am and after 4:30pm but must have a parking sticker between those hours.
Resident/Taxpayer Beach Stickers:
Resident Beach, $25
Visitor Beach Stickers:
Three Day, $55
One Week, $90
Two Week, $170
Seasonal, $300
A Proof of Stay must contain the following information
1. Name of Property Owner as listed by the Wellfleet Assessor
2. Name of tenant(s) or guest(s)
3. Wellfleet street address (includes number and street name)
4. Dates of stay in Wellfleet
5. Signature of Owner or Realtor Stamp
Valid vehicle registration required: Applicant must present the current vehicle registration for the vehicle on which the parking permit will be placed. Leased vehicles and company owned vehicles require additional documentation listed below:
1. Personally owned vehicle
a. valid vehicle registration for this vehicle in applicant’s name
2. Leased vehicle
a. lease listing the applicant as the lessee of a leased vehicle
b. valid vehicle registration for vehicle in the name of the applicant
3. Company owned vehicle
a. Valid vehicle registration for this vehicle in company name
b. Written proof of applicant’s right to use this vehicle
Methods of Payment Accepted:
Resident/Taxpayers:  cash, personal check, MC, VISA and Discover
Make checks out to Town of Wellfleet

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Life Guard

On duty late June to Labor Day, 9am to 5pm

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Not Allowed

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Carry in/carry out beach with food vendors available within 5-10 minutes driving

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Motels/hotels and rentals are available within 5 minutes driving.

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No pets allowed June 15th to Labor Day; no pets on lifeguard protected beaches; you may walk leashed pets through these areas

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Picnic Area


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Public Transportation


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Restrooms / Showers

Restrooms are available.

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Surfing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

Popular surf area; surfing is allowed outside of the lifeguarded areas

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Walking Trails


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Water Quality

Water quality is monitored from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For more information please call (617) 626-1250. The accepted standard is 104 CFU/100mL in a single day or an average of 35 CFU/100mL over five days. The link below is the test results from 2003 to the current year. White Crest Beach Tide Information

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Water Temperature

Click on “view more buoy data” to view water temperature.

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Beach Reviews

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